How to create a better student

better studentHave you ever wondered about why your child doesn’t like school? You might think something like, “How could my little Timmy have this attitude? He’s too smart for that.”  A few psychologists created a study to look at kids’ viewpoints.

In 2002, groups of elementary and middle school kids were asked about their attitudes about school and bias of teachers. Specifically, these children had their levels of interest and motivation measured to see how they compared between age groups, and genders.

The study found that the kids who were further along in school viewed their teachers as more controlling and less lenient when it came to their own personal freedom. Children in lower grades showed more motivation and interest than children in higher grades.

The researchers also found a gender difference. Boys in each grade viewed school as less enjoyable than the girls. The reason for this is that the girls were more interested in school than boys, and also more motivated.

Do you remember when you were in school? We all had our challenges with teachers, and weren’t able to do all the things we wanted to. The researchers think that school interest and motivation tie into how kids think of themselves. Ideas for teachers to support interest, motivation, and how children think of themselves are: making more assignments into games, using motivating support after all answers, and creating more choices in activities. Parents can also help by sharing what motivates and sparks their children’s interest!

Written by Max Grodecki


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